Friday, August 24

defensive measures only

Here's the latest news in the irony department: the US are creating a defensive shield based on offensive missiles which they want to aim at "any rockets coming from the middle east". More than that, the new "shield" will be placed near Russia.

The Austrian Defense Minister criticized this as a typical "Cold War" type move, to which the Washington replied:
We view the Cold War as being over. Such comments are not helpful and we now face a new strategic environment that requires us to move beyond Cold War thinking
Gonzalo Gallegos, US State Department spokesman
Excuse me?!?

There are three situations I see here, none too flattering for you: you're either auto-ironic, ignorant in your declaration (you don't know what you're saying), or simply hypocrites.

If the new strategic environment requires us to move beyond Cold War thinking, then please DO SO, and don't create the same environment again:
The cold war was caused exactly on the placement of "strategic defenses" which threatened "the other side", for defensive purposes only, ofcourse! The next move would be for Russia to match this defensive shield, with a battery of rockets somewhere around ... I don't know - say, Cuba?

In case you're being ironic here, Mr. Gonzalo Gallegos please realize that, while five billion people appreciate your sense of irony, in the face of threatening people's lives, it becomes out of place.

In the case you're ignorant, please read a history book for all our sakes (I mean that literally, for all our sake)!

But personally, considering the source, I'd go for the third option, for hypocrisy: we're talking here about the same guys who told the world the Iraq had WMD and that are telling the world now that Iran has WMD.

Probably the next White House administrations will have to work for quite a few generations to repair the public image damage the US gained in the last seven years.

That is, if they manage at all.

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