Wednesday, September 5

search keywords for my blog

Well ... according to blogcounter, here are some of the keywords (the weird ones) that my blog is found through, on google:
  • blue lagoon multitouch
  • - I'm not even sure what to think about that.
  • random relationship throughts
  • - She's not for you, really! You really really don't fit well together! (is that random enough?)
  • open letter to eurosport
  • I don't write them any more ... Infact, I never did, sorry!
  • bada bim bada bam
  • ... ummm ... bada boom?
  • what's next to the oil filter on a motorbike
  • Well ... duh! ... The Motorbike!
  • picture of something tender
  • I refuse to draw a conclusion from this!
  • againg
  • andg againg andg againg!
  • how far can you fly
  • well ... depends on what you smoke, I guess .. I haven't tried though, so I wouldn't know.

1 comment:

Alina Popescu said...

Reviewing search phrases is always quite entertaining. Well, except for the times when it makes you wonder what the...??? :)