Tuesday, September 4

a change in location

In a project's life cycle, it is said that after you finished 90% of the development cycle, you're left with the other 90%.

Over the last few days, I've discovered that the same applies when you leave a place you've spent over three years working in:

I (almost) finished the papers, formalities, interviews and everything else I could conceive of.

Well ... everything I could conceive of, until sometimes last week; then, there came the un-official tasks: cleaning my office computer (as I really didn't want to leave my un-processed pictures on the company computer, nor my email authenticated sessions, browsing history and all that), sorting and moving the junk from my office desk to my home, sending my friends some new contact information, getting some references (I didn't do that yet), contacting the bank (you see, I'm not leaving the country, please don't close my accounts) and so on, and so forth.

On top of that, I've almost fallen behind with the preparations for my bike trip. I still have to get a sleeping bag (and maybe a one-person light-tent), decide what I'll be taking along with me, actually getting through the town and getting all the crap I'll be taking along, getting hotel reservations on the way (if I don't simply decide I'll just wing it), getting local emergency contacts, getting a travel insurance (due tomorrow morning), an international motorbike insurance, another visit to the bank, making sure all my papers are in order and thinking of all the things I might be missing (I'm sure there are some).

I also have to make sure I'll have clean clothes to take with me, charged camera batteries, to make sure I'll store my way-points on the GPS unit, did a gas fill, charge my phone card for roaming access and probably a bunch of other last-minute preparations and details.

And yet on top of that still, as I'm usually a lazy (OK, very very lazy) kind of guy.

FSM (and maybe Chuck Norris), please help me!

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