Wednesday, September 5

an Article About Radical Honesty

The article talks about it, by example. It tells about telling people in the face you're attracted to them, about telling a little kid their pet bug is dead, and saying you don't like received gifts to people's faces (for just a few examples).

Even so, something about it calls to me (In truth, I want to be honest but I'm too afraid for it and lying comes automatically to me).

I tell myself it's not compulsory lying - it's giving diplomatic answers, not answering my messenger when people look for me and I simply don't feel like speaking to them and not telling the truth when people ask things of me I don't want to give.

OK, maybe it is compulsory lying and I don't really want to stop doing it: if I wanted to, I'd probably do it.

I think I'll buy the guy's book and read it: if it has good enough reasons, maybe I'll convince my reasoning to give it a go.

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