Saturday, September 29

about being thrown out ... thrice (aka, the Bone Club Hotel)

I've been to the entrance to Bone Club Hotel three times now.

The first time, I told myself that the security guy was tired; He simply didn't let me get close to reception no matter what I did. It took me half an hour to convince him that I HAD to get to reception to ask one question.

The second time was today. I met the day shift (different people, some of the smiling) and I managed to leave a hand-written message for whenever Si arrived (yes, they confirmed she checked in).

Now, I've simply been thrown out, in a polite fashion-of course. WTF is this?!? Guys, I had a pre-payed reservation there. Here's a hint: if you throw out your paying customers, they'll stop comming to you. More than that, they'll put stories on the internet about you; true stories, about how you throw customers out, for no reason at all.

Maybe it was a matter of communication. Maybe they didn't like my look? But WTF?!? I was supposed to sleep there tonight, and instead wasn't even offered a place to wait for Si.

My friends (and casual readers, and people who reached this post by mistake, and all the internet): don't go to bone club hotel! You can't get in unless you speak Russian (I've checked with English, German, Italian and Romanian). Once you do get in*, you'll be ... err ... politely asked to go away - yes, even when you have a reservation (Es tut mir leid, aber jetzt mussen leider Gehen!).

* - To get in, simply stop people as they pass in front of the hotel, ask them if they speak German, English or Italian, then ask them to translate to the Turkish-Russian Security guy that you must (as in any normal hotel) speak to reception.

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