Sunday, September 9

random impressions

Well ... I don't have time to stay ... I still have two hours of light to travel through ... or something like that ...

I will post some more soon, but for now, here are some random impressions:

First, there was a definite lack of burning bushes in both dirrections, so I chose for myself: I picked the trucks road (the other one was mountain road, full of holes and curves).

The Customs in Tasucu is full of frogs. I mean, the grass in front of the cutoms office is, and they all come out after dark.

There's something that the Turkish people beat the Cypriot people at, hands-down: putting garlic into food; I mean ... the Turks do, the Cypriots, don't. Cypriots should learn!

What would you like as a main course, sir?
I'ma vegetarian - this is my main course
(I had picked four kinds of salad, bread, butter and watermellon).

The Turks answer the phone by saying Efendi?

Turkish hospitality rules. Especially since they don't do it to sell you stuff. I was invited for tea at a gas-station in the middle of nowhere, just to take a break ... well ... a tea and sign-language conversation :)

The worst decision for this trip was getting the saddlebags I got. They were held by crappy zippers (Zippers for Pete's sake!). On a bump (or another) last night, I lost the right-hand-side saddlebag as the zipper died peacefully and so went all my tools to tool heaven (I don't even have a key).
As a result, I moved all the spares in the other saddlebag into my backpack and ditched the bag: it was just breaking my balance.
Crappy saddlebags!


AE said...

The Force is with you :) And so are we. Good luck!

utnapistim said...

Thanks AE :)