Sunday, May 28

weekend stuff

I stil can't get my mind around the fact that weekends mean Friday-Saturday instead of Saturday-Sunday around here.

Anyway, we've been busy; On Friday I went with L towards the marina to scout around; we had planned to do a shopping trip after scouting, just to see what our options were (I guess).

It didn't happen; we came accross a dive shop (Bubbles ... something) and I found out they were visiting "The Wolf" shipwreck in 30 minutes or so, and that was the end of my shopping trip plans;

I ran back to the hotel, grabbed my swim-shorts and regulator and one and a half hour later I was making a backroll water entry to descend on the sea-wolf (30m down).

Conditions were great and we had an easy dive; Also, I can now say I saw spanish warheads (giant medusa, growing up to 1m circumferrence - I think); there were lots of them;

I went back to the hotel (wet, tired and happy as usual), and spent the rest of my day indoors, posting pictures online; (the guys visited and insisted to go out but ended going without me - I just didn't feel like it at the time).

On Saturday ... we woke eary saturday, and after a quick hotel-breakfast we started with Haggar (taxi driver and occasional guide apparently) towards Jerusalem, Bethleem and the dead sea.

The trip took all day, and we saw some interesting stuff; there was the birth-place of jesus and the crucifixion place (and the whole seven-or-so churches built on the spot);

There was a bath in the black sea which was weird: you had to make a real effort to stay vertical in the water;

There were all the explanations from Haggar that made Israel make more sense to us, from "mining" the drinkable water to Jesus/Jushua Ben Josef to genetically engineered tomatoes to falfalla (how does one spell that?) and humus, to Israeli army and wars with neughbours every five years or so to long term plans that make your skin crawl (meaning that have effect for fifty or more years).

That's about it; now, for some pictures :)

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