Wednesday, May 24

random impressions

Note: this post is about my cable and forgetfullness and having a good time ... sort of ...

It became apparent to me as of late that every time I go somewhere, I forget something; It's clear to the degree that it's not no longer about if I forget something, but what I will forget.

Thus, when packing to go somewhere, I usually focus on the most important things and the items I might not be able to replace at the destination.

For example, before coming here I made sure (and double checked) that I had my papers, and camera and laptop with me, but I forgot the transmission cable;

This means no pictures uploaded until I buy a new one; It was the same when I went to Malta; This is why I now have two cables at home, and why I will have three when I get home.

No matter ...

I woke up tired about an hour ago; we went to some sort-of-italian restaurant and I got to sleep after 1 AM;
Paradoxically though, I am well rested; I woke up and started doing those breathing exercises we did in our t'ai chi chuan sessions with D; then, I had a small reiki session, grounding and a hot shower and I ended feeling great (and all that with no caffeine involved).

We (me, B, L, M and S) had a good time last night; it seems that the cypriot version of "alinuta cea sadica" is called "little marry"; and also, I ate brick-oven baked pizza after a long time.

That's it; I got to go see a man about a horse ... or something the like.


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