Monday, May 1

good dive yesterday

It was a good dive yesterday; The site's name is "Manigi" I am told, and it's twenty minutes from Paphos, going towards Akamas.

We had left at seven in the morning and I spent my time getting there on the back seat of a pickup truck, alternating between reading Broken Angels and dozing off.

We started setting up the equipment around a quarter to nine, and were entering the water around nine.

The part that sucked in all that was the surface swim: around 200 metres in full gear through waves made sure I reached the site with leg pains and out of breath; I also drank some water through the borrowed snorkel.

Never mind;
We took a few minutes to catch our breath (backinflated BCD are really heaven in that regard - I just layed back on top of it and drifted for two minutes) then went down;

Dive technical data:
time in: 9:47
time out: 10:45 (58 minutes dive time)
max depth: 17.9 metres
average depth: 7.8 metres
average water temperature: 18.5 deg. Celsius (21 upon water entry)
safety stop: between 6 and 4 metres for 10 minutes (we did the swim back during safety stop)

The dive site is around a rocky island, approximately 200 metres from the shore;

It was a good, relaxed dive (for me at least), and we went through a tunnel and a big stone arch on the outside of the island.

On the way back I came in Pavel's car and dozed off again, book in hand, much to his amusement.

It seems though that I will have to take up swimming; I don't want to be that exhaused before a dive again and skating just ... doesn't cut it.

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