Thursday, May 11


It's 9:43 PM and I am still in office;

I had a task: provide some code exit point for one of our customers to extend their error handling ("what do we do with the failed events?").

It seemed easy: in the actualy worker class, add a blank virtual function and call it for a set flag in the database; The customers, in their infinite wisdom would implement it then to suit their needs.

What happened was that after (more or less) a week of going through the code in various other parts and learning to generate dummy billing events for testing and so on and so forth, today I managed to actually replicate the scenario required to work and found that the beautifull and technically correct solution was not working;


Because the execution framework cancels all database transactions in case of an error; this would mean that all database changes done by the clients while executing their customized error handler goes down the drain with two simple words:


Anyway, it's 9:43 PM; D left earlyer (around half past 8), and V helped me a lot in finishing what I had to today;

There is still a notification mail to be sent for tomorrow, and we just came back from the 4£ dinner the company is paiyng for us in such situations (we had chinese, at the corner).

chinese cook, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

just finished, originally uploaded by utnapistim.

I'm prepairing to go home in a few minutes.

Good night european hemisphere
utnapistim @ work

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