Tuesday, February 19

censoring the internet / wikileaks.org

There's been a scandal over the last few days, as wikileaks.org actually did more of its purpose: they published some confidential documents on the money-laundering ways (apparently - I haven't read the documents myself) of a Cayman Islands Bank.

Then, the website was DoSed and the State of California ordered their internet provider (called Dynadot - and located in California - the only one they had jurisdiction over) to take down the domain, keep it reserved so that the site's anonymous creators wouldn't be able to register it somewhere else, and requested all the IP addresses of people who accessed the site.
(as a result, the wikileaks.org site can now be found at either wikileaks.be, or

How could I put this? CAYMAN ISLANDS BANK, you're on the verge of creating a new internet phenomenon (see references to 09F911029D74E35BD84156C5635688C0).

Attempting to censor information on the net (if you don't benefit from China's resources - that is) is practically impossible. It's a clear case when creating resistance to something actually gives it more power.

In fact, the only chance you'd have had to get over this is pretend you didn't see it, and hope others won't either (like the declaration of Francesco Cossiga).


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