Thursday, February 7

of ego

For a few days it bothered me that I stopped writing here; I felt I was neglecting something. Now, I feel I can say my .. need to write is a manifestation of ego.

That doesn't make it in any way something to avoid (or something "inferior" or such nonsense). In fact, judging it as "to avoid", is also a matter of ego, as it is deciding to write ... or not to. Running towards freedom, spiritual search and running from suffering is ego again; Characterization, description, putting words on a weblog, having something called "my weblog" (or not), is all, in the end a refined form of bullshit (Brad B, W, thanks for this word - it fits to perfection).

I am not described in here, nor am I describable in any way.

Here is just ego, just bullshit!

Good bullshit though!

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