Wednesday, December 5

From a Former President no Less

Francesco Cossiga is a former Italian president, having ruled Italy from 1985, until 2002.

He's also one of the few politicians considered to be more-or-less correct, as in his last two years as president, he started unmasking all kinds of overt moves made by politically-powerful people, in the Italian government. Those two years made him very popular with the Italian people, and very unpopular with the Italian parliament - which seems to be the reason he lost his presidency - I'm not sure, I haven't had much time to look into that.

That's not interesting in itself, unless you're into European history.

What IS interesting however, is the interview he gave in Corriere della Sera, where he stated (translated to English):
Palazzo Chigi [headquarters of the Italian government] circles, nerve centre of Italian intelligence, note that the video's falsity is proven by the fact that Osama Bin Laden reportedly confesses that Al Qaeda made the September 11 attacks against the twin towers in New York, while all democratic circles in Europe and America, above all those of the Italian left-wing, know that the disastrous attack has been planned and executed by the CIA and Mossad, with the help of the Zionist world, in order to accuse Arab countries and force western powers to intervene both in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is why there has been no word of solidarity to Berlusconi from the Quirinale [home of the Italian president of the republic], from Palazzo Chigi nor from members of the left wing coalition.

All this, is coming from a widely-respected former-president of Italy.

What is the most interesting of it all though, is that none of the mainstream media outlets (BBC/CNN/etc.) seem to see this as newsworthy (let me give you a hint: it's huge!).

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Alina said...

Well, it figures they'd bury the information in no time...