Sunday, February 24

connected ... or not really

I tried three times to start writing this and I deleted what I wrote, three times also, as it sounded ... disingenuous.

There is a state of being, when one can perceive a connection over space and time, to remote people, places or situations.

It's a sensation that I started to identify just lately, but something that I feel sure it's actually there (id est I believe I'm not actually making this up :-().

The experience itself is that all of a sudden, I feel the presence of a person strongly (that happened twice that I can remember in the last six months, shortly before meeting said persons), or a place, down to the smell of the air in that place, it's presence around me (just like being there).

Today I dreamt of a place that I've visited this year and had the sensation I'll be getting there. Then, I woke up (after sleeping for half an hour or so).

Maybe it was just a dream and I guess In the end it doesn't really matter.

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