Tuesday, November 13

What I really wanted to say ...

... is you should believe in God. Not only that, but it is my duty to convert you, because I'm sort-of unable to respect your beliefs, unless they're the same as mine.

... or something like that.

What is this about? I found an entry on wikihow about ways to convert your friends to Christianity, in an overt way. The list sounds mainly nice, but it ignores a few details, like ... I don't know ... teaching you to be hypocritical with your friends and hide your intentions in the name of spirituality?

How about a number 6 on that list, something about the lines of:
Focus on being honest with your peers and actually tell them you're not interested in their values at all unless you can demolish them and replace them with yours?

How about a number 7, stemming from the Kalam Cosmological Argument (suggested by the wikihow entry): If indeed everything has a cause (the first premise of the argument) then God must have a cause also. If God exists, what makes him/her do so?

How about ... I'll stop here. I don't want to make (much) fun of such a list, but the temptation is there and it's almost too easy :).

As a side note, on my way to Turkey, on the ferry, I've had the dubious pleasure to chat with a Muslim young man, who kept insisting he would convert me to Islam; He was pushy, intrusive and after a while, tiring.

For anyone inconsiderate enough to actually do that to their friends, don't worry: they won't be your friends for long.


Anonymous said...

Don't you think that you do the same thing? Actually, you are putting a stamp on all the Christian people by just judging some of them and some of their "acts", more than that, acts found on the internet, not in the real life ...

Till now, I think you encountered only one Muslim guy who insisted to convert you ...

Don't go on the other side: if you don't believe in God, is your choice, don't blame all the people who decided to believe in God just because some of them are not how they should be ...

And by the way, God created the world sound anyway much more better than two rocks (who created the initial two rocks?) hit themselves in a Big Bang and voila, this is the Earth today ... it's obvious, when people will have a TRUTH and a STRONG proof of how things were happened, with will not be God anymore. I don't see any success till now in finding such proofs ...


Anonymous said...

Probably I've sent the message many times, I don't know, the posting page is written in Creek, so I am not really sure on what I've done ... :)

utnapistim said...

Hell Anonymous ( Mr.? Mrs? Mss? :) ),

I've read your comment, then I read my post again to see how I'm putting a label on Christian people; I couldn't.

Do you think you might be seeing too much in my post? All I did was find writing I didn't agree on and say so.

My post is a critique on hypocrisy, not on the core teachings of either Christianity or Islam; Infact I've read part of the Bible and part of the Kuran (and part of Bhagavad' Gita and part of Tao Te Ching for that patter) and I find them to contain lots of wisdom, among other things.
Sadly, I didn't have the patience to read either of them in it's entirety.

Further more, I believe in God, in my own way and I still believe that the Kalam Cosmological Argument is hopelessly flawed (see the definition of sophism on wikipedia).

Speaking of the way the world was created, it may well be that "creation of the world by God" sounds better, but sounding better is not what I'm after ...
Instead, I'd rather go with "verifiable theory" (which the Big-bang theory is to a point), instead of "sounds-better theory", especially since the "sounds bette theory" was put together in a scroll a few thousands years ago with no proof whatsoever, then censored, added to, translated and retranslated again, all for the purpose of sounding even better, instead of providing a better understanding, by all kinds of interested parties.

Regarding your critique of the Big Bang, the theory might be wrong alltogether. If you know anything about the scientific process though, you will realize that no scientific theory is ever TRUE or proved to be true; instead, they have to be verifiable (test data should conform to the theories) and falsifiable (finding test data that can prove the theory to be false should be possible to be fund) and this is part of the scientific process.

Because of this, I still believe in God, but I never assumed that gave me in any way a right of impose my believe on others. Further more, doing so while pretending to be someone's friend, is still called hypocrisy.

I hope I didn't come out too hard on your comment :(

Cheers :)

utnapistim said...

The posted comments appear only after I've moderated them. This is a setup helping me to avoid fake spam messages.

I'm not Greek but I'm living in Cyprus and the Greek interface is annoying me also.

Thanks for commenting :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I am "mister". I know you have enabled moderate plug in, I know you live in Cyprus, I know you, you know me but I think is better to read my opinion without knowing the person behind, in order to help you agree or disagree with the idea, not with the one who is express it ... :)