Wednesday, November 14

deadlock party

The deadlock party is a programmer-specific celebration that occurs sporadically, whenever programmers have to solve a deadlock bug ... past eight o'clock in the evening.

Let us see how the Deadlock Party is celebrated:

I'm in office, drinking mint tea (no sugar) and debugging some stuff, at close to eleven PM. I have around 30 meters of cable (I exaggerate a bit, but I think it would be at least between five and ten meters) on my desk connected to all kinds of USB hubs, monsters, a custom machine, seven mobile phones (one of which mine), lots of papers under everything, a small laptop (closed) and - of course, my tea.

I'm currently recompiling the application to rerun with some added diagnostics code, in the hope this will cast some light over what's happening; I'm looking for the source of a deadlock.

For my programmaticaly-challenged friends out there, a deadlock occurs when a part of a program is waiting for another part to do something while the second part is waiting for the first part to do something; as a conclusion, the application stops responding.

Wish me luck at my deadlock party :)

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