Thursday, November 8

there's hope for you yet

I was preparing a post about George Orwell and the way the US fit his "Nineteen eighty-four" book. Then, I saw one of the main candidates for their elections next year, attack most of what the current US presidency stands for.

My first impulse was to say "hey, Americans, vote for him!". Then, I figured that his speech might be just ... capitalizing on inside information that Bush is going down, fast; or, it might be an attempt to rally those that oppose the current foreign politics of the White House (without any inside information, that is), or something I haven't thought about (including simply the way he thinks - to give a politician, the benefit of the doubt).

Whatever it is though, it's scary how he said so many things that have been on my mind lately, in his speech/attack, including the reference to Orwell...

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