Thursday, October 11

Everything You Do Should Be Easy

I've just finished refactoring some code and then I realized how easy it is now, to extend it further; More than that, it's a pleasure to do it, starting with clean code.

That made me think: whatever I do, whatever you - or anyone else - for that matter - does, it should be easy to do. The easier it appears to you, the closer you are to mastering that domain.

I'm saying this, generalizing from programming but I think it stands true for everything else. I'm not coming here to claim I've "mastered programming" - or something ridiculous like that.

It's not about me, and it's not about programming.

When you don't have a social life (and as a programming geek, I know what that means :D), socializing with others, can be exhausting.

When you have a flat tire on your car - as another example - you find it tedious to change that tire, until you do it for a few times. Then, it becomes easy; at some point, you jump from "what should I do?!?" to "there's nothing to it".

It's not about you becoming stronger - though, there is that. It's about becoming somehow "wiser about things".

It's about going forward in such a way that all your options keep staying open and more than that, you open to even more possibilities.

If nothing else, it's a bit of food for thought.

Have a nice evening, everybody.

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