Tuesday, October 23

the best thing about changing your workplace is ...

... the music; and the food; and eating peanuts with chopsticks; and the view; and the small conference room where we all gather for lunch.

As a side note (and since somebody voted I should post more about my narcissisticly esteemed self) I really do eat peanuts with chopsticks, as the peanuts are greasy, I'm at the keyboard and I like playing with chopsticks (there! now you won't make the same mistake again. I hope you learned your lesson :) ).

Either way ... the most, I feel this change in the little differences: the music on the network is different, we order the food each day from a different catering business (and I'm not sick of it yet), we're in a small office and while there's still a work atmosphere around, we're much more into geek culture than in my previous workplace: there are cables around, people use firefox on their machines and the amount of formal rules around here is zero: they're not needed.

I missed that.

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