Thursday, October 4

the end

Well ... in the end I managed to sleep at the Bone Club Hotel. Si made a scandal, then I went back, and they were all apologies and smiles; I almost felt sorry for posting about them on my blog, but the following morning they got us out of bed at nine o'clock in the morning to make sure we would pay!

How bad-mannered can you get?!?

Either way! The following day we visited Dim Cave and the Alanya Castle, then left for Tasucu, for the ferry. We had misjudged the distance and the road to Tasucu, so we arrived there around eleven PM, much too late to get on the ferry.

We spent the night in a small gulf by the sea, a piece of heaven, a few kilometres out of Tasucu and arrived back in Cyprus on the morning of the second of October.

Where does that leave us?

I'm at my new job now, reading documentation on GSM networks all day, my bike is in need of a repair shop (I'll see to that tomorrow), and Si is going to office also.

I stil haven't finished unpacking and I'll keep posting pictures for a week or two, I guess.


Rufio said...

deci te-ai intors. mergem cu motorul in weekend? mergem? mergem? :)

Alina Popescu said...

Wow, I will make sure I never get anywhere close to that place! The photos are beautiful by the way. They remind me there are still places I should visit in Romania.

utnapistim said...

Rufio, I'll give you a call ... (hopefully today, but you know me :o( ) ...

Alina, I guess if you're fluent in Russian, it could be nice ... otherwise, STAY AWAY! :)

... and thanks :)