Monday, July 9

less and less to say

There is a trend I noticed in my ... "need to say things", as far as my blog is concerned: As time goes on, I have less and less things to say.

At first, I was posting things every day, then every other day, then I started posting things about others: links on the net, pictures I took (sometimes I just posted pictures as a replacement for having something to say), then not even those.

Its not that I've gotten dumber (that's highly debatable, but if I have, I can't figure it out by myself, so the argument is somewhat moot); maybe, I've said all I had to say and that's that.

This is a trend I've seen with other bloggers too: at first, they post a few times a day (and its interesting posts ... insightful, or funny, or ... you name it!), then more and more seldom ... and then they get dull.

Maybe it's the mind, always spinning in the same circles ... maybe it's the fact that when you search for interesting people, most people trying to be interesting succeed at it for around 15 minutes, then their "bag of tricks" is exhausted.

People that keep at being interesting on and on, are a rare find; with them, it's not that they try for it - instead it's just the way they are.

Maybe I've "gotten uninteresting" myself; I know there was a time when I was trying really hard to be interesting on my blog and it got me nowhere, really fast :).

Maybe I am just getting over blogging.

I don't know ... all I do know is I have less and less things to say, but that's OK as it is.

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