Monday, July 16

Did you know? 2.0

A while ago, I wrote that the internet has big chances of becoming a niche market (and I compared it to smoking :) ).

There are strong arguments against it though (not that there weren't when I wrote that) and a good summation of those arguments is in this movie I found on the net:

It's not that I no longer believe what I said before (and the analogy to smoking still stands) but the net is becoming too much ingrained in our way of living to simply go away.

Instead, it could become ubiquitous enough as to be invisible maybe.

By the way, the shifthappens "wikispace" is a website centralizing information about this video and feedback on in by various sources.


david said...

Yah, I would absolutely agree that the internet is much more likely to become invisible than it is to become a niche market.

I know for me personally, Internet is now considered a Utility (rather like electricity) rather than a luxury.

utnapistim said...

I never considered this aspect (Internet as an Utility) but I guess you're right: for me it's the same.