Wednesday, July 18

checklist and itinerary for bike trip ...

... here. I'm still completing it as I go, but the itinerary (third sheet) is plausible at the moment.

Edit: here is a map of my itinerary.


andreibo said...

Wow, esti "nebun". Cate zile o sa fie calatoria? Cat te costa feribotul din Cipru in Turcia? Si cum te intorci in Cipru?

utnapistim said...

[translation]Wow, you're "crazy". How many days will it take? What's the cost of the Ferry from Cyprus to Turkey? And how will you get back to Cyprus?[/translation]

The trip should take four days to go and four days back.

I have holidays for a month, so that leaves me with approximately twenty two days in Romania.

I'm not sure on the fare for the ferry yet, but I'll get back the same way I go (by bike again, though probably through a slightly different route).