Monday, June 25

what a weekend!

On Saturday we went to W's Reiki Share meeting, and stayed there until around four o'clock.

We did some Reiki group-healing, a Yoga Nidra session and everything ended up with enjoying the pool (for some of us), good food and me taking some pictures (which I might post later) ...

On Sunday, we went to Latchi with a large group including my entire team, rented three speed boats, and abused them for around three hours and a half.

We dived The Blue Lagoon while the guys snorkeled around, then came back to Limassol and stopped at Si's place for some pancakes.

Here's a picture selection from Sunday (I'll post some more later):

The group:

A flagging his T-shirt:


A., driving the boat:
A, driving

B on the boat:

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