Friday, June 22

re-mission, a computer game

I got an email today about re-Mission, a game done with the explicit purpose of helping young people living with cancer, to acknowledge cancer, and their fight against it.

Here's a desrciption of the game, it's purpose and effects (emphasis mine):
To be successful, Re-Mission had to be biologically accurate, meaningful to young people with cancer, and fun. HopeLab adopted a highly interactive, rationally engineered development process to create Re-Mission, working with cancer experts, cell biologists, psychologists, game developers, and young people with cancer. The result is an engaging, high-quality game in which players pilot a nanobot, Roxxi, through the bodies of fictional cancer patients to destroy cancer cells, defend against bacterial infections, and grapple with often life-threatening cancer-related side effects and challenges common among young people with cancer.

HopeLab conducted an unprecedented randomized, controlled trial (our Outcomes Study) to test the effect of Re- Mission on key health-related outcomes among adolescents and young adults with cancer. Study results indicate playing Re-Mission produced statistically significant increases in quality of life, self-efficacy, and cancer- related knowledge for adolescents and young adults with cancer. Young people who played Re-Mission also maintained higher blood levels of chemotherapy and showed higher rates of antibiotic utilization, demonstrating that Re- Mission helps patients adhere to cancer therapy regimens.


More than that, its free and available for download (on the main webste).

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