Monday, June 18

15 links that I found interesting this evening

1. the dilbert blog (thanks B!)
2. 10 ways to open a beer without an opener (that's sure to be a winner)
3. how to ride a bike - spectacular, if nothing else.
4. Ubuntu classified as Genuine Windows (haha)
5. 14 ways to procrastinate productively - Hell Yeah!
6. the JesusFreak car; or maybe, the AntiJesusFreak car - Most of all, I liked the zen Jesus one.
7. Resisting the Temptation of Authority a psychological explanation of why submitting to authority is so tempting.
8. TSA and the Sippy Cup Incident I liked the analysis of both sides of the story.
9. Are the Hitler Parallels Too Close for Comfort?

Remember how I said I'd have 15 links of interest?

I lied.

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