Saturday, April 1

post-dive syndrome

I did two dives today, at the Zenobia. As before, I had to wake up at six, shower, grab something to eat and put together the diving gear.

Then I met P. at 7:30 and by 8:20 we were in Larnaca, in the bay.

At 9:40 I was at 2 metres under sea-level, and descending :)

so, what is post-dive syndrome?


Infact I doubt the term exists ...

But after the dives last time I spoke with P on the way back and I figured if there was a 'post-dive syndrome' then this is what we talked about ...

It's like this:
you come out of the water after the last dive of the day, maybe half frozen, a bit tired or needing to use the bathroom. After that, and after getting dry, and eating and maybe getting a shower or something to eat, calmness fills you.

I thought I was the only one going through that, but after talking about it with P I figure it's a syndrome.

I am home now, in my (recently cleaned) room and my wet gear is laying behind me on the floor, still unpacked.

And. I. Am. Calm.
At peace.

But enough about that; now that you know what some weird guy on the net calls the post dive syndrome, go do something usefull with your life.
Dive for example ...

... or, if you're not a diver, plan to become one ...
... or go swimming and then plan learning to dive ...
... or plan to learn to swim so you can go swimming, then slowly learn to dive ...

... or light a cigarette ... (but my personal oppinion is you're better off diving then smoking, if anyone gives a damn about my personal oppinion).


enjoy your weekend as will I!
(suffering in silence through the post dive syndrome since September 2004)

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