Sunday, April 23

and here I was ...

... thinking I will spend my easter hollydays indoors!

friday's been ... relaxing; I really stayed indoors on friday, and rested;

on Saturday - yesterday that is - I went with some of the guys at Dasudi on the beach and played some beach-volley. It seems I'm not really awfull at beach-volley ... more like ... horrible.
but it was fun.

And today ... well ... I visited S today for an easter meal - well ... an ester vegetarian meal of sorts - and a movie.
It's been good, clean, GA approved family fun; well ... mostly; and we were no family;


Tomorrow we're probably going to repeat the volley performance somewhere around Agia Napa; that's the plan at least - I still haven't got over the muscle-fever from yesterday.

... And who knows what Tuesday might bring?

It's good to be alive

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