Wednesday, April 12

decisions, decisions decisions ...

so ... since I wrecked my camera and I'm stil photography obsessed (well ... almost), I've been combing some websites to help me decide on a new camera.

I decided I wanted to go dSLR, and I was preety sure I wanted a Canon Digital Rebel. Then I found out it's not the latest in it's class but I'm not sure if the difference in features justifies the difference in price (usually it doesn't for the latest model out there), and then I spoke to my brother who recommended me the Nikon d50: the price for Nikon is apparently better - at least for the camera body (I haven't checked the lenses options out there yet) - and the Nikon is - according to my brother at least - sturdyer.

So .. what do I do? what do I do?

I'll look into more reviews before deciding I guess.

undecidedly yours,

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