Thursday, April 20

no fun

this post is about grounding;

I don't mean the go to your room, you're grounded! stuff, but about grounding yourself when working with your own energy, or close to your own energy.

So ... what is grounding? It is the process of 'anchoring' your own energy; of making your energy structure stable, while you are doing some activity.

It's like this: if you're doing a meditation/yoga/massage therapy/whatever session, you begin with opening your chakras and letting the energy flow (more or less) freely.

Once you achieve what you want to achieve, you ground the energy in place.

It is also, what I didn't do today: I'm not sure why but I left my chakras open while giving massage;

It took all of 20 minutes for me to become exhausted;

yup! no fun!
(but a usefull experience nonetheless)

tiredly yours,

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