Sunday, June 7

On Moving, and the 90-90 Rule

My blog is in danger of becoming stale, as I haven't taken the time to post in a while. Here are some highlights:
  • I'm moving to Belgium

So, there!

Also, here are some ramblings on changing country: When moving your stuff from Cyprus, you can choose between plane and cargo.
I opted for cargo, because I absolutely hate going through airports with everything but the kitchen sink.
Even so, I couldn't get everything through cargo. It's the 90-90 rule:

When moving house, after you gather 90% of your crap lying around, you only have to gather the remaining 90%!

After I shipped my cargo with orbit I had the feeling I had an empty room. Once I started actually packing everything that was left (the small stuff), I couldn't believe how much I had left (the remaining 90%).

The good part is I should be in Belgium by the end of the week.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on continental europe !

utnapistim said...

Thanks :)