Thursday, June 11

In Blegium

I am in Belgium. I arrived yesterday after a tiring flight, and was half zombie for the whole day.

Things are a bit different here, but it's welcome change and I was looking forward to it:

The closest shop is a Carrefour. It's bigger than I was used to, and the product quality and range differs greatly. I am not one to spend my days in Carrefour or anything, but it was familiar and strange at the same time ... Also, food kiosks and non-stop shops are non-existent here (to the degree I was able to determine) as people buy food in bulk around here (cheaper to do so). As I said, it's welcome change.

When we landed, I was lucky to have packed a rain jacket with my cabin luggage, otherwise I'd have frozen. Now it's sunny outside, but not warm (I had forgotten this combination), and it's been raining for a while yesterday, for a while last night, and for a while today.

Otherwise, it's all good. I got a local simcard and I'm posting stuff on the net.

One last thing: Hoegaarden rocks!

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