Saturday, April 14

"all those ... moments ... lost
like tears ... in the rain"

It's been a while since I've written anything.

I switched projects (and should be changing location sometimes through Monday), did the Reiki 2 course three weeks ago now, went through a movie-watching marathon for a few nights during Easter break and visited some places around here.

Altogether, I feel that somehow things change on a bigger scale around me and yet ... nothing "profound" comes to mind.

No conclusion to make through it all;

Hey, maybe I've somehow gotten dumber.

Maybe I've written all I had to write, thought all I had to think and gave any ... messages I had to give and now I'm resting (or something).

Maybe its because of this, that I keep posting pictures: I feel that even when I don't have something to say, they still say something ...

Maybe I'm clinging - through the pictures - to the illusion of permanence, believing that the world cares - that "someone out there" might be impressed by how some blossoms looked a month ago in a tree in Trodos mountains, or what me and my friends did on the island of Cyprus, on a Saturday morning.

Stavrovouni Monastery
Stavrovouni Monastery, Cyprus

littering (Romanians in Cyprus)
romanians in Cyprus (littering) :(

edge (2)

edge (1)

Church of all Cyprus Saints at Stavrovouni Monastery
Church of all Cyprus Saints at Stavrovouni Monastery

my bike
my bike


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