Wednesday, February 21

why Utnapistim?

S. asked me this morning what Utnapistim stands for and I realized I get this question at least once a month, so here we go:

Thereupon Enlil went aboard the ship.
Holding me by the hand, he took me aboard.
He took my wife aboard and made (her) kneel by my side.
Standing between us, he touched our foreheads to bless us:

'Hitherto Utnapishtim (Noah) has been but human.
Henceforth Utnapishtim and his wife shall be like unto us gods.
Utnapishtim shall reside far away, at the mouth of the rivers!'
Thus they took me and made me reside far away,
At the mouth of the rivers.

(from Epic of Gilgamesh)

So ... why Utnapistim?
Because I liked the way it sounds! :D
Well ... that, and I didn't like Melchisedec.

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