Thursday, February 15

a new post

Well ...

I haven't posted in a while (though I added the google reader to the blog and changed the color theme a bit) so I decided to add some form of "heads up" for this week.

Let me see ... I missed two Aikido classes (due to tiredness and office work respectively), I went to the dentist - an experience that can be quite interesting with the right dentist - and started T'ai Chi classes.

There's a company party this evening which I'm ditching in favor of another T'ai Chi session, and at the moment I'm in the long and tedious process of planning for a long weekend.

Apparently Monday will be free in Cyprus (Green Monday), so I'm considering skiing and a LAN party for Saturday, a motorbike trip on Sunday and maybe I finally manage to dive this year.

Hmmm ...
Difficult to schedule, this weekend is.

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