Tuesday, February 13

a good day

Yesterday evening, I went - for the first time - to T'ai Chi classes w/ A.

I had brought him some pictures for his website and (more or less) decided to stay for the lesson. It turned out to be a small revelation.

The T'ai Chi steps are not quite what I thought them to be (and of course, there are multiple styles to choose from) and I rediscovered chi power again (only more - if that's possible); By the end I was tingling with energy (and I missed that feeling).

I still get the movements wrong though and I don't know what I'm doing half the time, but I'm getting there.

slowly :)

Then, I went home and had an insightful evening with D (over a couple of beers, two chocolate bars, some beans salad and watching about robotic prosthetics on Discover Science).

I went to sleep around 2AM.

Only for that evening, and yesterday was a good day.

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