Sunday, July 16

not covered in the news

It is said that one day Caesar, Alexander and Napoleon were in heaven, looking down upon the war in Iraq.

Then, Caesar looked thoughtful and said:
You know, if I had only ten of those "tank" things, Rhome would have been strethed from the ocean to the Hymalayas!
Alexander replied:
I know. If I had only ten of those "hellicopter" things, I would have really conquered the world!
Napoleon looked some more and said:
That's nothing! If I had CNN, nobody would have found out I lost at Waterloo!

In the last few days lots of friends contacted me because of something they saw in the news; They saw news of the conflicts escalating, latest reports and coverage, and then they contacted me, asking if I am ok, what the situation is and if I can get out of it and leave for Cyprus.

Well, not to wory, I am ok; There is no situation to get out of.


I looked over a map today, to see what the actual "situation in the North" is.

The conflict is real, but at the northern border, and at least up to this moment nothing happened around here.

Life goes on, it's "business as usual", and excepth for the TV in my hotel room nothing points to any tension.

People in the street and people at work keep their smiles, do their shopping as they did yesterday (and almost two months ago for that matter, when we arrived here).

As I understand it, these things happen in the North every few years, like clockwork;

In the rest of the country, businesses keep on flourishing, people go to the beach, and bars during the weekend, and their way of life is not perturbed;

Unfortunately, these things don't make the news.

What does make the news is the focus on the death-toll in the north, images of explosions and columns of rising smoke.
The people watchng TV don't "need to know" that the conflict is not "in Israel", but at the northern border.

(That's not "news" apparently :( ).

It's called bias, and it's caused by the need for audience and rating, that news agencies usually have.

"unbiasedly" yours,

(no, really! I am unbiased!)

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