Sunday, July 2

finally figured it out

hey, I finally figuerd it out.

It took me adding a for loop on the tested code to artificially increase the stress-test, then removing lines of code until it crashed in a single line of code, then decomposing that line to four separate function calls, then further eliminating those until I was left with a single function call.

I was too tired to figure it then (by six o'clock in the morning) so I left it like that and left for home.

After a day at home (I didn't sleep much, but I had to fight a headache for most of the day), I came back in office on Saturday for two hours, and while leaving - I was in the parking lot waiting for a taxi - I figured it out:

it's a refference counted pointer problem

... and life goes on ...
utnapistim, after figuring it out

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