Tuesday, February 14

random update

I'm in office now, and working on two tasks (blocked on both); I figured I could take some time/disposition to post some form of update.

so ... Sunday evening we (7 victims I think) went to a japanese restaurant in limassol, to sample the japanese cuisine.

I'm sory I didn't get my camera with me.
I had sashimi (good, if you can ea raw fish/octopus with sauce), water (I had drank some before so I knew what to expect ;)), sake (a combination between a strong alcoholic dring and hot wine, but not very strong; all in all drinkable), shake (that is not milk-shake; the name is read as sha-ke, and is a fried salmon with vegetables recipe and all-in-all a great dish) with garlic rice and mixed seafood soup (exotic, different, but a great taste).

The soup actualy contained algae/seaweed.

Yesterday ... well ... it was nothing spectacular, except being an usual monday morning :|, and today ... today is not finished yet, so I wouldn't know :).

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