Thursday, February 16

foray into nicossia

What a senseless waste of human life!
Monty Python

I went to the romanian consulate today, to solve my pesky-password-passed-away problem (in short, it expired).

I made sure to be prepared, taking four passport photos with me, my local papers and permits, and currently passed away passport.

It didn't work.

I got there and found out that I needed six photos instead of four, discovered I didn't have some details from Romania (namely the ID card of someone from there) with me and couldn't do anything.

So, with two hours before the consulate closing for the day I started the happy trip through Nicosia for a photo studio for two additional photos and some iCaffee for my 'details from Romania' problem.

It's amazing how things turn out some times; I'm not talking of BIG things here (like me getting the papers done, because it didn't happen) but of small things (like finding an internet connection with no iCaffee in the area, while looking for a photo studio).

Anyway, back to the story: I walked some streets around there, went as (mistakenly) dirrected up to the secretary of the manager of the big Siemens building in the area (they had this really cool external elevator that made your stomach ascend to your neck as you reached fifth floor), and at some point I found a small and forgotten shop selling ... something computer related (not sure what) that had an internet connection.

I got back to the consulate with 20 minutes to spare, filled almost all papers (I found out I actually needed my left-at-home ID card), talked to the counselor and found out I have program for monday morning:
I'm visiting the counsullate again. Oh Joy!

So ... random impressions from my forray into Nicossia?
The lady at the photo studio was downright beautiful and had a killer smile;
I have to make sure to get some thicker clothes on monday with me;
Waking up at seven in the morning sucks!
The way to there and back made for a very relaxing (albeit short) sleep;

There is no cow level!

... and ... that's about it!

Here are some pictures:
walking down the street
down the street

the Siemens building
Big Siemens building

street corner in Nicossia
street corner

photo studio in Nicossia
inside a photo studio

random guy at the consular window
random guy speaking to the counsellor

Romanian Embassy in Nicossia, Cyprus
the embassy building


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