Sunday, February 12

on meaning

I had started a post a few days ago about how I miss meditation in my life, but didn't finish it; now I realize it's not meditation I miss, but seeing past the surface, past the shape of things.

Now, it's dawn; the kind of dawn that smells of fresh air; all in all a good sign for new beginnings.
It's half past six on a sunday morning and I just got home. I went to A&A's farewell party last night.

And a good party it was; we had some drinks, talked a lot and generally had fun; we shared a few laughs; and I talked some with M and A and all the other guys, and I got that meaning back; When we got out the door A said he wished he'd filmed this as he'd like to remember it. The fact that he said it, finally drove the point accross to me: they're leaving.

I wanted to say though that remembering it is all we need, and there's no need to record it to keep it precious.

a night awake is a gained extra day
this is what was written in Dune anyway.

Thanks for sharing a night awake with me

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