Friday, October 7

stay-at-home diver

this weekend i'm a stay-at-home diver.

this means the only place i'm going to dive in is the shower :(

maybe it was time for a break;

but it doesn't really matter: tomorrow evening i'll go for a party and sunday ... i'll be probably recovering from the party :D

and it looks like some more time to write code :D

and speaking of code: wednesday i went to a conference for cyprus .net users group. It was a preview of a framework to be integrated into the next version of .NET, and prety interesting.

i might get more involved with .NET: i passed from writing my little diver log in java to writing it in .NET and i've made more progress in three days in .NET than two weeks in java (damn java layers!)


Linguist-in-Waiting said...

Just curious, how deep is your shower so you could dive in it?


utnapistim said...

not deep enough: it's a normal shower :(

that is why i'll have to go dive somewhere next weekend :)