Friday, October 28

hoooooneeeeey, i'm hooooomeeeee!

don't expect any rocket science in this post because it's past ten in the evening, i've eaten just sporadically, and i switched two planes today. in short, i'm a mess:

tired, dizzy, dehydrated a bit (methinks) and overall exhausted.

but happy

my week-long trip to sharm el sheikh is finished; done; over with.

this means that sometimes tomorrow (now i don't feel up to it) i'll start showing off with fish pictures, coral pictures and reefs pictures; and yeah, maybe some surface pictures also.

untill then,


Linguist-in-Waiting said...

Sharm El Sheik eh?

Two plane changes? Did you ride Egyptair?

utnapistim said...

yeah ...

the bad part is we had only one hour to exchange planes in Cairo.

We had to wait at customs a lot, then recover our luggage, then pass check-in again; we ended up running between terminals :(

that was definitely not fun.