Tuesday, October 18

age of darkness

hey, look at this!

i've gotten smarter!

no, really!


ok, stop laughing!

actually no, i haven't; i read today some posts i had made a few months ago (june or july posts methinks) and was surprised at how ... spirited they were.

i mean ... i was funny (if i do say so myself :)). it's a form of inspiration that i somehow lost.

i'm trying to explain here and i just remembered something i read in Coelho's the alchemist: first, the signs show you the trasure; then, they keep showing it to you more and more often; then, when they see you ignore them at some point they will show you the trasure is lost forever, then they will stop showing themselves to you since you ignored them.

the signs show me it's time to move on.
that ... change feeling ... i see it calling me; and find myself in the position of saying yes or no.

my posts from a while ago were inspired ... and i find it harder and harder to find that inspiration, simply because there's something missing here. i think i know where that something is, but leaving the familiar for the new is somewhat scarry.

but there's still some time to decide; some time to abandon the confort zone.

happy hunting,

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