Friday, September 9

bad day...

some days are boring ...
and some are tiring ...
some are ... just routine ...

today was a bad day ... a bad morning actually ... since i managed to relax in the afternoon.

what happened?

it started two days ago.

i got the happy task of doing an installation ... one of those installations.

i started by installing the server on some *NIX machine, but couldn't get past one point in the setup. we had some documentation on it, but only for windows and it was one of those screenshot-schreenshot-click next-you're done type of things;
then, i raised the issue to the manager and got advized to raise it further, to the guys over the pond;
response took one day, due to the difference in time zones.

then, two days later manager tries the same setup and it works without a hinch.

murphy's law?


today i went through the next setup in the series, only to stumble upon yet another error.

at this point i was a bit affraid to complain about it, wary of raising the issue with my manager (that kind-of happens when he assumes it's your fault).

i told him about it, since the alternative was to stare at my coleagues and i don't want to be annoying (too late for that); after explaining two people my problem and involving another three in solving it, i went to lunch, cooled down and then went in detention block B (i do my sentence in block C) for a frappe.

then, i came to my cell .. err ... cubicle i mean and spent the afternoon staring at my coleagues: my blocking issue was still blocking and i was out of ideas.

so, i'll have to visit the office tomorrow and get another try.

i didn't think i'll say that, but i wish they'd put us through training for this.

and now, onto the happy news:
in 20 minutes i'm going to the end of summer party organized by the company (expect some pictures in a few days)
and in two days (sunday that is) i'm going to the Zen again.

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