Tuesday, July 5

something's going on

i mean ... in my life ... something's going on ... (allways).

for example, today i found out how a bowling ball with two eyes would look.

and the process was simple: raise your eyes, and stare at the mirror.

i'm talking about getting my head shaved by a friend this afternoon (thanks L, those were the most fun two hours since the dive this saturday!)

and, in another order of events, someone told me last week that my ... negative parts are not visible at the moment (well ... not in those words, but anyway!)

so, i thought about it and decided that the only thing that's keeping one from allways choosing the highest expression of self is ...

... suspence ...

well ...


there's nothing keeping you from your best. i mean ofcourse, the "bad" is still there ... the ugly, the incomplete, the needy, the desperate ...

but so is the choice not to express that; and to express inspiration instead; and warmth; and completeness; and joy, and calm, and fullness.

may you allways walk with angels!
i allready am!

(the bald guy)

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