Sunday, July 17


so ...

it's sunday ...

and evening ...

and i'm reading again. (and as i have nothing better to do i decided on some blogging).

yesterday was a full day ...

as i started doing lately, i took some friends to agia napa for diving.

that was cool.

after that we went to pizza hut (and all i have to say about that is greek delight pizza is nice).

and after that, we went to cape greko as the guys wanted to see it.

at cape greko i just stayed in the car .. and slept. (did my beauty sleep but it didn't work much: i'm as ugly as ever).

here are some random pictures:




after we got home i discovered our cooking gas is gone (we=ll have to get some more tomorrow) and the internet connection was out.

so, i just took a shower and read ... and finished watching the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy which was fun.

almost fun! (i'd rather have stayed on the net but well ... )

until we meet again!

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