Monday, July 4

dive at the Vera K

this happened on saturday (but i was too busy - read lazy - to post this earlyer).

i got to paphos in a big hurry (i called taxi-service and they told me
be ready for the car in 10 minutes
and ofcourse that meant i got out in 12 minutes and waited another twenty in front of the building)

you've got to love cypriot organizing capabilities (but i'm not much better so i should just shut up :))

we were 12 divers, two of whom were just getting their OW certifficates.

and it was a cool, easy dive;

there was this stone arch that we went through

and something fishy going on:

here are some of the guys

and here are some pics of the wreck's cabin (the only intact part - if one can call that intact):

dive (more or less) technical data:
wreck of the Vera K
max depth: 11m
bottom time: will have to make a phone call to find out
safety stop: 3 minutes at 5 meters
water temperature: 26 Celsius
visibility: 25m +

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