Sunday, January 17

not a zen koan

These are all things I've done before: the thoughts, the actions, the gestures, the ideas, the aspirations, the wishes, the illusions of illusion and truth, the sensations, the search, the questions and the answers.

I'm trapped in the iron circle, and the only exit is through the middle of a puzzle, burned to ashes, scattered by the wind and washed away by rain.

Where is my exit now?


Gec said...

There is another exit behind you. Follow the path backwards and undo the reality. It will probably take some courage to go through this exit though ;)

utnapistim said...

"Behind" is just part of the puzzle.

Undoing the reality is part of the process through.

utnapistim said...

Unless ... no matter how I turn, the exit is still behind me.

That would make sense.