Sunday, January 17

Impromptu Skiing - in France

Quite late, too late for any sane organizing to be done, I was asked if I wanted to ski this weekend.

I said yes, without thinking about it.

I spent Friday morning getting winter tires, Friday evening driving (then drinking) and today morning coming back, as it rained all of Saturday night.

We got through a good day of skiing though, which is a lot more than no skiing at all in my book, and I got some good rain pictures to boot.



snow out the window

A good weekend all in all.


n.m. said...

what I like about your art is that you have the patience to observe, capture the very beautiful instant, as simple and pure as it is. we all should do this, treasure small thinks that surround us. I have my own way of doing that. everything happends with a reason. I am a fan of your work :). big hug for a big man from a small one :)

utnapistim said...

Thanks n.m. ...

For the compliments and the big hug :D